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Decisions about school placement and attendance can be particularly challenging for families of children with behavioural needs, learning or development variations such as Autism (ASD), ADHD or Developmental Delay; specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, or children with significant medical conditions.

Children may ultimately attend mainstream schools with individual needs support or schools primarily focused on students with special needs. Options may be available within MOE (Singapore Ministry of Education) programming and international schools, or in national schools in other locations, depending on the location and nationality of the patient.

Our services include comprehensive assessment to ensure a complete understanding of the child/adolescent’s learning. The assessment report will include thorough recommendations, and our professional staff can provide follow up services in terms of support for selection of appropriate school options and support for the student once enrolled. This can include school meetings, completion of relevant paperwork and other administrative services as well as periodic student review. We prepare paperwork required for any sort of accommodation or exemption based on appropriate assessments.

Our Professional Staff has a good understanding of the criteria for admission at many schools, but is not able to specifically guarantee or facilitate admission at any school.